Watchdog “Rogue Trader” Washing Machine Repairs

By , October 14, 2010 9:32 pm

Clive Bramall who runs Oxford and Abingdon washing machine repairs in Oxfordshire featured as this weeks “Rogue Trader” on Watchdog on BBC1. He is known for taking customers money and never returning, in fact over 70 known calls have been made to trading standards before being aired on TV tonight. I would think by the end of the week there will be many more.

Featured on the show Laura Smith who called Clive Bramall out last year to repair her washing machine was told by him that she needed a new pump. He took a hundred and fifty pounds from her and claimed he fitted this new pump.

When Laura came to use the washing machine it didn’t work. It had the same fault as it had before so she called him out again. When Clive Bramall returned he basically told Laura the machine was not repairable and she would need to purchase a new one. Clive then took a further three hundred and seventy five pounds from her but he never returned. NO machine and defiantly NO refunded.
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Baby Pink Washing Machine – More colours will be ready soon

By , October 9, 2010 12:44 pm

How do you fancy a baby pink, baby blue, green or burgundy washing machine?

These days with kitchen designs and customer requirements changing we have decided to offer some of out recycled appliances in different colours.This has been met with great excitement from some of our younger more funky customers.

If you would like to come and see the full colour range that will be available you can do this over the next few weeks at our shop in Tarring Road Worthing.

The baby pink washing machine that was delivered back to us this morning has caused a stir and lots of interest already.

Who said recycling can’t be FUN and FUNKY?!

Our environmentally friendly approach encourages you to save money and the planet by recycling your old appliances and reducing the cost of replacing them.

Covering appliance repair for Pulborough, Storrington, Steyning, Littlehampton, Worthing, Portslade, Hove, Brighton and the surrounding areas we offer a quick, friendly reliable services by factory trained engineers.
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Colour Catchers – Friendly Warning From The Affordable Repairs Team

By , October 8, 2010 1:31 pm

Whilst we love to fix washing machines, our team here at Affordable Appliances in Worthing and Brighton also love to offer advice where we can!

Many of our customers are now using ‘Colour-Catchers’ which work like a magnet in the washing machine to attract any colours that may run, thus saving your whites from being ruined. This means that mixed loads can now be washed, saving time, money and energy – great idea!

We have found however, that this product can become an expensive problem for our customers if it gets stuck within the workings of the machine.

We have made several call-outs recently due to this product and have also found numerous comments online from people who have paid up to £100 to have these removed.

Whilst our own charges are far more reasonable than this, we still feel this is wasted money for our customers and can easily be avoided.
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